Not really new to all this but it is still scary

Even though I already have a son with Asperger’s twelve years old and am still getting past the bursting into tears and accepting the diagnosis from last May the new things Ellie is doing scare me,  the Spinning and eyes going up and flapping are not as worrying now we know it is not epilepsy seizures as we first thought when he starting to roll his eyes and have what seemed to be absences.  On the first of December 2011 was when I noticed something going on with his eyes, they kept rolling up in his head and it seemed you could not reach him and this lasted a few seconds. it got to be over 25 times in one day and was worse and he then started to spin and flap at the same time.  We ended up in hospital with suspected epilepsy and we stayed overnight where ironically he slept well and had his heart monitored.  They took blood and urine.  they questioned me and were I felt a bit not listening to me about my other son they said he can talk he has eye contact he is not delayed and I said so was my other son and he has Asperger’s I could not seem to stop myself interuppting the doctor and he could not stop seeming to write off my concerns and as he is not showing the classic red flags, and that talking about my other son was not relevant to Ellie yet he saw the ellie is hard work and hates being held against his will and ordered referrals and at least reassured us that the video footage of Ellie did not look like epilepsy to him.  so we are waiting on the further appointments coming up including an MRI under general anaesthetic which scares the shit out of me. thats a bit rambling

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